Out of the mouths of babes.

So my new VT logo tattoo prompted some more tattoo talk with the kids. I told the kids about my impending Doctor Who tattoo and MP chimed in that she wants me to get a My Little Pony tattoo as well.

I told her that I do want to get one to celebrate not only my love of that cartoon but my love of watching it with her, just like the DW one is for my love of the show, my mom introducing me to it and me introducing LP to it (we are DW buddies).

But it came up very quickly that I want a cutie mark on my butt just like the ponies do. But what would I get? My 3 options were:
1) Rainbow Dash (my favorite pony)
2) Doctor Whooves (a brilliant crossover character but then I’d have 2 DW tats and would be encroaching on this one that is for MP and me to share)
3) a custom cutie mark that is representative of me.

But what would be MY cutie mark?

Without missing a beat LP sits up in his chair and crosses his ams in an X “a spatula and a paintbrush”.

I’ve been thinking about this particular tattoo, a tattoo that is ABOUT ME and MY LIKES for 4-5 months. He nailed it in under a second. I am always surprised about the things he says. And fully realize that just because he isn’t focused, doesn’t mean he isn’t listening to everything around him or making connections to the people closest to him.

The Little Things That Come Between Us (Details)

Whenever possible, I like to take the opportunity to talk about my work and why I made what I made. This piece is no exception but it’s been done for months and I haven’t talked about it for a very specific reason:

I don’t want to spend all my time reassuring people that my wife and I aren’t getting divorced.

This is a rare piece in my body of work that is based on a concept and not an actual event. Maybe (probably) there is some truth to it in my own relationship, but there is nothing overtly specific to any events in our life. That being said, on with the show.

What happens when two people want different things?

The Little Things That Come Between Us-On Wall

Here we have Person A.The Little Things That Come Between Us-detail 04From a distance, they look flat. Uniform. Even.

But under any scrutiny, Person A is found to more complex. Layered. Textured. Nuanced.

Here is their partner, Person B.

The Little Things That Come Between Us-detail 005Again, from a distance, they look solid. Uninteresting even.

And again, under any power lens, Person B is revealed to be a complex whole.

Enter the variable.

The Little Things That Come Between Us-detail 001That thing that either can introduce to a discussion but neither can agree on immediately. When one person wants it more than the other, things begin to decline. Decay. Disrupt.

First the thing itself builds.

The Little Things That Come Between Us-detail 07


It grows into a mass, not unlike a cancer.

The Little Things That Come Between Us-detail 13

Then it goes beyond it’s initial place in the world they share and finds its way into places it never was before and has no purpose to be in now.

The Little Things That Come Between Us-detail 05

And it’s an equal opportunity threat.

The Little Things That Come Between Us-detail 11

Finally, it takes what was once a beautiful, detailed, and bright individual and clouds, distorts, and otherwise tarnishes them.

The Little Things That Come Between Us-detail 0007


The Little Things That Come Between Us… can forever change us. What we do about them, is what’s paramount.

2014.03.19 The Little Things That Come Between Us



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#ArtProcess @the5930 May 14, 2014 at 11:51AM

I had an idea for flow. As I was masking off an area, I saw a new opportunity to go further. So more masking, different paint. Thankfully it’s nice enough out to spray. #artprocess #the5930 via Instagram http://ift.tt/1mrbMyV

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Every pass leads me to think “Just one more”. It may be time to walk away. #artprocess #the5930 via Instagram http://ift.tt/1rtEVe3

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Definitely quit on this piece too early last year. It’s not going to take much but there’s something more to be done here. #artprocess #the5930 via Instagram http://ift.tt/1jRlFT4

#ArtProcess @the5930 April 23, 2014 at 02:13PM

Oh, right. Water based gesso on paper based tape. #ArtProcess #The5930 via Instagram http://ift.tt/1jOowfn

I think I finally see the end of this piece. One more pass to go at the end of the week. #the5930 #artprocess

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